Case Studies: Hartmann Metals Corporation

Making A Little Guy Look Big

Hanni Hartmaan, of Hartmann Metals specializes in sourcing scrap metal then reselling the product in the international marketplace. At the time, Hanni had been doing business in Hawaii for over 20 years, starting in a scrap metal yard in Aiea, eventually branching out to sales.

Hanni was frustrated that he had not been able to get an appointment with the local H–power plant, and the accompanying opportunity of the resale of the scrap metal. Friends said Hanni needed to redo his image from businessman in Birkenstocks and shorts, to something slicker.

Hartmann Metals was a referral from Kukui Marketing’s client, Marujyu Market Catering, when he met with Kukui. Hanni had already met with branding consultants to pitch his business, who emailed their proposal without a presentation.

Kukui Marketing presented the idea that Hanni needed to show the H–power person that his company was established and though he was the only employee, had far–reaching contacts and was a multi–million dollar business.

Gathering various scrap metal magazines, conversations with Hanni and photos of different types of scrap metal, Kukui Marketing with designer, Kent Miyasaki put together a sales presentation book for Hanni. The book was encased in an aluminum binder with his company name redone in an energetic, big–looking font.

Hanni got his foot in the door with H–Power, and with his sales presentation book, became the largest contractor with the plant. Kukui Marketing prepared a mini–version of the sales presentation book in the form of a tri–fold brochure for industry conventions and business meetings.