Case Studies: Ace Auto Glass, Inc.

More Business, Same Ad Budget

Ace Auto Glass Inc. was founded in 1975 by Frank and Grace Tamaye. As opportunities arose, the company expanded to under serviced areas with the goal to be able to provide service to all major cities throughout the Hawaiian islands and Guam.

Early on the Tamaye’s two sons, Stephen and Calvin joined the company and helped manage daily operations. In 2013 the newest location was opened to service the Windward side of Oahu. With the new expansion and increased competition,  management felt that it was the opportune time to engage an advertising agency to help promote the new location and the company.

Like many business owners, the owners of the company made a lot of the marketing and advertising decisions for the business. In 2013, the main advertising media was the yellow pages print directory where Ace Auto Glass had maintained a dominant print position for many years. Now with a new advertising agency handling advertising, Ace Auto Glass sought to increase the television and digital advertising footprint without increasing the overall budget.

In 2013 the company contracted Kukui Marketing to begin to refine the advertising budget and promote the opening of the new Kaneohe location. This was also accomplished without increasing the existing advertising budget.

Kukui Marketing examined the budget and found areas where funds could be better utilized and renegotiated the yellow page contracts. As the yellow pages contracts expired, this opened up funds to be redirected to more highly visible forms of media.

Ace Auto Glass’ media profile is substantially different today. Ace Auto Glass employs digital ads on google, youtube and social media platforms where performance is closely monitored. Ace also uses traditional television media and has produced commercials which are used on tv, the website and youtube for extra mileage. was relaunched in 2014 with more content and interactivity. The site’s request form collects key information to facilitate the quote process for customers. Today, it is a key method of reaching customers and servicing their auto glass needs.

From Ace Auto Glass, Calvin Tamaye, President

“In 2013 I was wondering if our company’s ad campaign was effective and cost efficient. This set me out on a quest to find out if someone out there could do it better than me while not increasing our budget. After conducting interviews with 3 of my top choices, I decided to hire Kukui Marketing. The reason for this decision was the fact that Kirsten was very easy to talk to and I felt that she could move us in the direction that we wanted to go. After just a few months she was able to negotiate much better contracts for our TV, Radio, and Print ads. She also helped to revise our website and add new forms of media that we had been lacking.

Now that several years have passed, Kirsten has proven without a doubt that she has been very effective by increasing our gross sales 15% without increasing our budget. She has also become a trusted advisor for us and has a no nonsense approach to many of our marketing needs.

If you ever had to ask the question, “Can someone else do a better job at marketing?” you should give Kukui Marketing a call. Not only can she do a better job than me, it freed me up to take care of other business matters.”